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BZP Channel nut stock – update

When they’re gone, they’re gone!

We still have a limited amount of imported surplus stock available.

Please contact us for our special sale prices.

  • 35,000 M6 Short-spring nuts in BZP
  • 20,000 M8 Short-spring nuts in BZP
  • 15,000 M10 Short-spring nuts in BZP

MOQ for carriage paid delivery is 5000pcs

We also have stock of M16 Plain nuts in BZP (50pcs per box).


BZP Channel Nut Surplus Stock Sale

We currently have the following surplus bzp channel nut stock available :-

  • 35,000 M6 Short-spring bzp nuts
  • 60,000 M8 Short-spring bzp nuts – 40,000 remaining
  • 20,000 M10 Short-spring bzp nuts
  • 40,000 M10 Long-spring bzp nuts SOLD!!!

Minimum order quantity for carriage paid delivery is 5000pcs

Please contact us for our special sale prices

Subject to availablity